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September 30th 2017 - Mara's South Amboy
8:30pm - 1:30am
Caribbean Music and Dance. Reggae and Soca Party with DNA's Music featuring DJ Sliding. and guest musicians.
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DNA's Music

Two Piece Duo, Specializing in Caribbean Music with a pop twist, using the ever so popular Steelpan ( Steel drums . Athenia and Devon are Caribbean natives , residing in the US. The act is fun and uplifting. Attend one of their many events

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Our Passion is music and Entertainment.

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Venue Details

Welcome to
Fine dining restaurant with an upscale bar.
Mara's is located on Rt 35 in South Amboy, New Jersey, offering its clientele an experience in fine dining, with a full functioning bar and more than enough dancing space, its the perfect spot for your event needs.

Event Details

  • Date : September 30th 2017
  • Time : 8:30 pm - 1:30 am
  • What : Live Music with Steelpan / Live DJs

  • Event Address

    3602 Route 35 North,
    South Amboy,
    New Jersey, 08879
    (732) 525-0045

    The Band

    Dominica born, Athenia Henderson and Devon Atherley, a Trinidad and Tobago native bring authentic tropical music - including, Reggae, Soca and Latin and Afro Beats, to any celebration through live performance. ‘DNA’ - DNA’s Music Entertainment Inc was formed in 2012 as a two piece musical act, canvasing the New York Tri-State area. DNA's Music Entertainment is signature Caribbean-Infused Pop Music . DNA's Music is a versatile band with an extensive Top 40 repertoire, the band features power vocals, interactive entertainment, exotic Steelpan and a DJ set to keep the mood

    Fun and exciting, Athenia loves life, but loves music and the stage even more. A desire to bring joy to each and every member of an audience is one of her most sincere wishes. She is engaging as she is talented. Born in Dominica, Athenia has been active in several music situations; choirs, groups, bands , competitions and auditions, her musical journey began at 3. Fast forward to 2017 she manages her own group and continues making music a major part of her every day activities. Listen, Enjoy, you will be entertained.

    Athenia Henderson Singer / Songwriter / Entertainer

    Devon Atherley, from the twin Caribbean Islands - Trinidad and Tobago, has earned the name Steel-Pan Maestro. Not only is he proficient in playing the exotic, chromatically tuned and pitch percussioned instrument, but he is also master in delivering the sounds in a manner that entertains. His career as a pannist began in 1993 with Kalomo Kings Steel Orchestra, a group still prominent in the pan scene. In addition to his ability on the pan, Steel-pan Maestro is a skilled keyboardist. He arranges the live music sounds of several local bands, mostly of Caribbean backgrounds..

    Devon Atherley Engineer / Producer / Pannist/ Keyboard player

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